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Pet Ownership Responsibilities

Pet Ownership Responsibilities - Affordabilty

Owning a pet can be joyful and exciting, but it also comes with its share of obligations. Here are a few things to consider before you look at welcoming a furry member to the family.


Despite the priceless amount of love and happiness that owning a pet can provide, there are very real costs that come along with bringing one home. After the initial price of adopting or buying your pet, you should consider future and potential costs, such as vaccinations, de-sexing, vet checks and treatments, grooming, pet insurance, training costs, toys and food. It’s a good idea to map out a budget of approximately how much you would be spending a week on owning a pet to be prepared.


Pets, especially most dogs, love interaction with their owners so it’s important that you give them the time that they need. Walking, training, cleaning up, grooming and playing are all essential parts of owning a pet, which all take up time in your day. If your work and social life keep you out of the house and away from your pet, consider animals that are more independent, like cats, rabbits or birds. Your life stage will also impact what animal is suited to your lifestyle - breed characteristics will help you understand the general profile of a pet; for instance, a cat or older dog generally works well with an older couple, while a great family dog like a Golden Retriever or King Charles Cavalier might be perfect for a young family.  However, pet adoption websites like www.petrescue.com.au can tell you exactly which individual pet will match your family, with individual profiles to tell you who’s a shy cat, and who is a boisterous pup!

Pet Ownership Responsibilities


The final frontier. Whether you live in a tiny apartment or a on a big farm, there is a pet for you. If you are living in a smaller space and looking for a dog, bulldogs, which are content with just a short walk, or pugs, which are generally known for their quietness and small size, can be great choices. Larger breeds generally need a fenced area or park to stretch their legs and relax their mind. This is not to say you can’t have a big dog if you live in a small place, some large breeds, like a Mastiff or Great Dane mellow as they get older and are happy lazing on the couch. Cats can fit well in most spaces and are generally fairly independent, so can be a great addition to large and small places alike. Finally, if you already have a pet in the home, think about how they may react to a new member in their space. Some cats and dogs get along like best friends, but others may be territorial.

Clearly, owning a pet is not without responsibility, but if you put the thought in beforehand, you are increasing the likelihood of a great life for you and your new animal.  If you tick yes to all the items on the checklist below then it’s the right time to welcome a pet into your life.

  • Can I afford this pet?
    • Price of adopting
    • Vaccinations
    • Food
    • De-sexing
    • Vet checks and treatments
    • Grooming
    • Pet insurance
    • Training costs
    • Toys
  • Does my current lifestyle accommodate for a pet?
  • Does my space work with the animal I want?
  • Will a new animal fit in with any other pets in my home?
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