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Blog posts for September 2018


Sept 23 is Dogs in Politics Day!


Sunday 23rd September is Dogs in Politics Day. With a tradition stretching back to 1952, we think it’s a great way of celebrating the furry companions who support our political leaders and sometimes find themselves sharing (or stealing!) the limelight. The United States has a long pedigree of political pets in the White House, the most recent being President Obama’s furry companion Bo the Portuguese Water Dog. Australia has some way to go in catching up with the United States in the high-profile position held by these political pooches and pussycats, but for now we look back on some of our much loved animal friends.

Former prime ministers who had pets include Kevin Rudd’s golden retriever named Abby (who reportedly had psychic powers… all the better to predict mealtime with!) and Jasper the cat (who had his own children’s book written about him). Tony Abbott had a cream spoodle named Maisie, Julia Gillard had her cavoodle Reuben and Malcolm Turnbull had several dogs and, famously, a dog blog where he wrote in the voices of JoJo the silky terrier cross and Dusty the Kelpie.

Pets are part of our families, and that means our politicians’ families as well. Do you know if your local member has a pet? Find your local member here and give them a shout for Dogs in Politics Day with the #DogsInPoliticsDay and #KeepAusPetFriendly hashtags: https://www.aph.gov.au/Senators_and_Members/Members

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