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Blog posts for April 2016


No longer just man’s best friend: Hearts Aligned campaign celebrates the incredible bond between owner and dog


We’ve all heard dogs referred to as man’s best friend, but the age old moniker continues to ring true. There is nothing quite like the bond between a dog and their owner. Whether it’s their devotion, loyalty or calm nature, dog owners everywhere will tell you any situation can be made better simply by having your dog nearby.

This unique bond has been displayed on both the small and big screens from blockbuster hits like Lassie or Marley & Me to favourite afternoon programming like Snoopy and Scooby Doo. Dogs are no longer just ‘man’s best friend’ but often the star of the show. It is clear that our furry friends not only hold a special place in our own hearts, but have become an integral part of our lives and community.

In celebration of this incredible bond, leading global brand Pedigree has launched a new campaign called Hearts Aligned. The project aims to demonstrate some of the health benefits of dog ownership and highlight just how powerful the connection really is between an owner and their trusted canine companion.

In an Australian-first, the Hearts Aligned project follows three real-life Australian pet owners as they participate in a demonstration showing howdogs help reduce stress levels and improve our lives.The owner’s and dog’s heartbeats actually slow down and synchronise when together.

Participants Glenn and his Australian Shepherd Lyric know first-hand the positive impact pet ownership can have. After experiencing a work injury, Glen went through three years of intense stress, anxiety and depression. Glen credits Lyric’s companionship as helping him breakthrough this time and Lyric continues to help him overcome mental health challenges every day.

Research shows pet owners have greater self-esteem, undertake more exercise, fare better on measures of wellbeing and are better able to cope with social rejection than non-pet owners. Pet ownership has also been shown to act as a buffer from stressful situations and events, particularly in old age.

This is important in light of recent research which shows that 90% of Australians need to stress less, with 74% of people feeling stressed because of work.If stress lasts a long time or overwhelms a person it can negatively impact their health, wellbeing, relationships, work and general enjoyment of life.

Mia Cobb, Canine Scientist and demonstration co-conductor, commented on the impact the special relationship can have on the health and wellbeing of a dog owner.

“There is decades of research showing how dogs can help their owners stay both physically and emotionally healthy. Hearts Aligned aims to showcase the special bond we have with our dogs and to celebrate that,” said Ms Cobb.

Dr Craig Duncan, leading Sports Scientist, commented on the implication of the demonstration results saying, “I look at stress and anxiety and how it affects human performance on a daily basis. I also know personally the incredible toll it can take on your health. My own heart attack was brought on by stress and it nearly killed me. The Hearts Aligned project aims to show how pet ownership can help us positively deal with the stressors of daily life.”

The video and demonstration clearly show what many have suspected – the bond we share with our furry friends flows much deeper then we even realise.

The full Hearts Aligned video can be viewed at www.pedigree.com.au.

Australians are encouraged to share their own dog photos using the official hashtag #HeartsAligned.

Each post on Facebook will trigger a $1 donation from Pedigree to national rescue organisation Pet Rescue up to $20,000. The campaign will run until the end of May 2016.

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#CATHACKS campaign shows how to DIY your way to a cat-friendly home


It’s no secret, cats and their curious antics have been sweeping the globe. From the moment the first ‘cat video’ was posted online in 2005, the worldwide phenomenon has gained notoriety as one of the world’s leading addictive pastimes. With more than two million cat videos available on YouTube, and a total of over a collective 25 billion views, the average cat video is estimated to be watched over 12,000 times leading to hours of entertainment. We certainly love our feline friends.

Close on its heels comes the do-it-yourself culture, more commonly referred to as DIY. Visually-based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are thought to have played a major role in the rise of DIY channels dedicated solely to showcasing everyday ways of ‘sprucing’ up everday items. The rise of these videos have turned DIY into a movement that’s fascinating us. 

Meet #CatHacks, a new campaign launched by WHISKAS Australia, ained at merging these two phenomenon to celebrate the curious nature of our feline friends.

Playing off the popular concept of “life-hacking”, Cat Hacks aims to showcase how everday items can be easily turned into more cat friendly pieces of furniture.

WHISKAS has developed a series of 15 second microfilm tutorials, showcasing easy ways to build cat-friendly furniture out of pieces already found in the average home. The cat hacks featured include a climbable cat cubby, home entertainment system, coffee table cat hammock, scratch frame, wall clock feeder and exercise wheel. Cats can truly have the run of the house with these cosy and trendy new additions.

Cat Hacks aren’t just a fun way to spend a weekend learning DIY skills. Studies show it may also improve your feline friend’s emotional well-being. Research has shown that indoor cats maintain their natural behaviours and will often scratch, chew and climb their surroundings – often to the dismay of their loving owner. Referred to as ‘environment enrichment’, feline-friendly furniture such as these cat hacks help maintain your cat’s natural curiosity, while keeping you happy as well!

The WHISKAS Cat Hack ranges include:

Cat Hack 1:The Hammock. Learn how minimalist design meets maximum feline comfort in a few really easy steps. This design means you can admire your cat’s beauty for even longer. Framed like a little piece  of art under your glass-top table as she purrs in a little table-leg hammock.


Cat Hack 2: The Lookout. Curious cats love high-up hideaways, so here’s a simple way to turn your bookcase into a stairway to heaven. This design allows your cat to climb to a little cubby house at the top of your wall-mounted library or display cabinet – from where they can look down on you as the subordinate you are.


Cat Hack 3: The Home Entertainment System. Curious cats will discover human furniture is never as fun as the box it comes in. Is it a car? Is it a cave? Is it a safe space with only one way in and out? Yes, it’s all that and more. Give your furry friend the gift of the thing good gifts come in: an open cardboard box.


Cat Hack 4: The Clock Feeder. Turn your everyday wall clock into a sophisticated meal distribution system for your four-legged friend. This time–dependent food dispenser uses the mechanics of a clock to keep your cat fed during the day - while you’re toiling at work.


Cat Hack 5: The Exercise Wheel. Transform two household items into a nifty spinning device so your four-legged friend can stretch their legs.  This Hack is for weight-conscious, highrise pussy cats that can’t get out for their workout.


Cat Hack 6: The Scratch Frame. Follow these easy steps if your cat need a new canvas to perfect the art of scratch-post modernism. Watch as your cat redefines art appreciation (and saves your sofa).

So this weekend, grab your tools and build your way to a more cat-friendly home. Share your own cat hacks with us on social media using #CatHacks.

Visit www.facebook.com.au/whiskas to see all the videos.


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